Proudly Protecting Portland

Updated: May 10

Businesses located in and around the Portland, OR area who find themselves in need of security services can place their trust in International Tactical Security. The founder of the company has many years of experience in law enforcement and supporting organizational efforts in areas that are uniquely challenged. In-Tac realizes that every project is different and that each has different needs to provide the best security. The team they provide is going to be able to take care of all of your security needs. Retail services will find that they can benefit from the services of In-Tac to protect their properties, tenants, and shoppers. It is their goal to get to know each business in order to provide the best protection. They will quickly learn who belongs in the facility as well as those that are not welcome. Close personal protection, also known as Executive Protection, is also available. This method of protection is available for VIPs as well as people that may be exposed to any type of risk. Whether a person is at risk due to employment reasons, wealth, celebrity status can depend on the security that this company is able to provide. They take pride in their security service and make it their mission to provide the protection that is needed. They keep the lines of communication open in order to be able to provide superior protection. Mobile Security is also available that will help provide protection for your property both day and night. Perhaps your business has experienced vandalism or theft after hours. Choosing to add mobile security can help prevent those types of activities from occurring again. They can help keep your property secured, patrolled, and safe. In-Tac realizes that vandalism and theft can be costly for any company. It can make insurance coverage rise as well, costing that much more money. Hiring a professional security service can help you save money by reducing theft and other issues and the affordable rate they offer is well worth it. Firewatch is another service they offer for the Portland area. They train their team to respond quickly to issues that arise on any project. Quality equipment is provided to make sure that the team has everything they may need to take care of the problems that could come up. For buildings that are alarmed, they provide an alarm response. If you spend time taking calls and having to get out to check your alarm, it can be frustrating. If the police have to check it, it can be costly to your business. Almost 99% of alarms are false alarms and that's a high rate. Knowing you can employ In-Tac to take care of your alarms can be a huge relief for you. Security services are also provided for banks and financial institutes. This service can provide comfort to all employees and customers that visit.

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