International Tactical Security Service

Using Our Executive Protection Service

When you need top quality security services, we at International Tactical Security are ready and available 24 hours daily to offer our support and expertise. Safety and security are more important today than ever, and more and more people are hiring security in order to protect themselves and their businesses. Having a reputable, responsible and well trained security service will allow you to do more feeling safe removing the fear of liability. There are threats coming in from many different directions in today's world, and only a highly trained group of former law enforcement and military professional can mitigate those risks. When safety and security count, you can rely on In-Tac to provide them.

If you have a VIP, who needs security, our executive protection team can provide it. This type of protection is often called close personal protection because it keeps security very close to the VIP. Our executive protection service is often used for people who are important to your enterprise or that may have more risk because they are famous, wealthy, or have a certain job. When you have to keep your VIP safe, we are the ultimate service that can do it. We have former military and law enforcement officers who understand the danger and will be willing to risk their lives to protect your VIP. We have professionals that you can count on for your security needs in a wide range of situations. Don't risk the safety of your VIP- have the best qualified team keep them safe.